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What is Run Fitting?

Run Fitting is a comprehensive program for runners that explore
and diagnosing your body for running. Thanks to an accurate diagnosis and the elimination of weak points, in just
For 6 weeks you will run faster and (most importantly) injured. The examination is performed by an experienced physiotherapist.

We analyze the running technique and confront
it with the results of the functional test.

We check how your body behaves under load at different speeds.

We identify overload areas and your weak points

We record and analyze the material in slow-motion mode.
Finally, you get screenshots  with descriptions of technical errors.

Run Fitting aims to accurately diagnose your running deficits.

The improvement process is prepared based on your results
from the Run Fitting study, developed by an experienced physiotherapist.

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What's next?

The second part of Run Fitting is the preparation of an individual training plan. The task of the training is to provide tools for own work (exercises) that will eliminate motor deficits and improve the running technique. All this to run faster and without injuries.

What do you get

  Individual training plan based on the results
from the Run Fitting study

Access to online exercises to practice technically always!

1: 1 workouts with an experienced trainer with an appointment exchange option
for a meeting with a physiotherapist - if there is such a need.


Once we know what your deficits are, we can prepare a training plan focused on the SPECIFIC needs of your body.

Thanks to this, within 12 weeks you can jump to a completely different level of running!

Do you want to run faster? Make an appointment 👇

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Who is running the Run Fitting study?

Who runs Run Fitting training?

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