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What are we researching?

Ranges of motion in the joints,
mobility and flexibility needed
for running.

Dynamics, strength and efficiency

Your running motion.

We analyze past injuries and established motor habits that affect your running technique.

We check what is the predisposition to injury and we determine it with high probability

its possible location

What are we researching?

We analyze the running technique and confront
it with the results of the functional test.

We check how your body behaves under load at different speeds.

We identify overload areas and your weak points

We record and analyze the material in slow-motion mode.
Finally, you get screenshots 
with descriptions of technical errors.


Report and action plan

You receive a comprehensive report in which we present the detailed parameters of your functional capabilities. On this basis, we set the direction for further activities, which are clearly and accurately presented. The further process is up to you. You can work alone or with our trainer. Everything in your hands :)

What do you get

You receive a comprehensive report detailing your body's performance.

The physical therapist determines your strengths and weaknesses. Indicates what to focus on first.

You receive a proposal of corrective exercises tailored to you. As part of the study, you have a training session at your disposal in which we will show you everything.

Finally, you decide whether you continue to exercise on your own, or whether you need the help of Feel it Therapy specialists. We have ready training programs and proven operating systems.
So how do you want to prove yourself?


Correction of detected problems - Workouts

The second part of RunFitting is functional training, conducted on the basis of conclusions from the functional study and video analysis of the run. The task of the training is to provide tools for own work (exercises) that will eliminate motor deficits and improve the running technique. All this to run faster and without injuries.

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    Koszt badania 499 zł

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Who is running the Run Fitting study?

Who runs Run Fitting training?

Run Fitting will bring out your potential so that the running technique will allow you to achieve high running speeds with relatively little effort. Thanks to an accurate diagnosis and elimination of weak points, you will run faster and (most importantly) injured in just 6 weeks.

What is
Run Fitting?

The test performed by a physiotherapist will help to determine your motor limitations. The collected data is then analyzed and the result is presented
in the form of a comprehensive functional report identifying strengths and weaknesses.

A physical therapist examines your body



Video analysis gear 

The test is carried out on a treadmill. All the technical elements of the race are analyzed. The race is carefully assessed, in a special program, frame by frame. The report contains clippings of the run (screenshots) prepared graphically by a running physiotherapist.
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